Friday, June 4, 2010

Slammin Salmon Butler Race 2010

Well, it was unfortunate timing that the road wasn't open yet, but the turnout was excellent and good-times were had by all to make this the premiere Northern Cali Spring event!
Here's my listing of photos: If I don't know you're name, post a comment and gimme some shit!

Here's Alex Wolfgram edging out Chris Hatton for 2nd.

Wolf Still has one coming his way...

The always positive smile of local Chris Hatton, 4th year placing in the top 3

Seth Naman Stepping it up with a fourth

Damon Goodman: 1st place Shortboat, didn't break a sweat

TaZ Soto-2nd place shortboat, 1st descender of Bridge Creek

Girl Alex barely edging out the competition: should it be a tie?

The Competition: Sorry I forget your nombre

Trinity River Kyle Craig: 1st Place Junior, also first time down Butler

Team Wet Makes an appearance as the proud boss-man Steven Lisles looks on

No time to celebrate!

Break out the Keystone Light Victory Brew!

Orion Meredith's 10-pack rolling heavy into second place

Event organizer Paul Gamache getting swirled at the convergence of Wooley Creek and The Salmon with 80 lbs of wet hippie clothes on--In 3rd Place

The Shambles of ORT arrive in 4th...I know of at least one torn drysuit that led to a hike-out

Classic Salmon Spring Weather

Western Oregon Whitewater with a proper celebratory paddle high five!

ORT II Crew battled for placement

Extra special thanks to all who showed face this year!

About to miss the finish line...unknown crew being cheered on by natty-head-mop-Orion

What better way to celebrate than continue on down to Big Ike...and surf it!

And after that...its a Jam & Party Session with Johnny Chin

Hope to see ya'll next year, and more faces too...where's my competition!

Extra Special Big Thanks goes to the event organizer Paul Gamache...the man with the plan!
Thanks to Caliproduct as well, hope you make it next year.

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