North Coast California Whitewater

Time to get it out there:  I'm well on my way to a work describing the best runs from the Eel River to the Illinois.  The lack of beta on our favorite coastal streams has long needed an update.  It is not an online guide, but here is a working list of obscure goods.  Check in for the latest on what we're paddling and give me a shout to get involved.

Update, March 2012:  With the recent efforts of the Six Rivers Source to Sea Mission the book is receiving an expansion.  The editing process is well underway as I have realized the burden of working with over 100 sections.  The culmination of 5 years worth of effort on this project is truly coming soon, thanks for your patience and support!

Happy Paddling,
Smith River Drainage

Eel River Drainage

South Fork Trinity River Drainage

Klamath River Drainage

Salmon River Drainage

Valley Runs